Rocket A Go~Go



What does Rocket have

Rocket carries Women's & Men's Clothing, Shoes, accessories & local art. Rocket is full of name brand and non-name brand clothing. No need to go to the mall & see the same items in each store, or go thrift shopping to dig through racks of stained & out of style clothes trying to find a hidden gem. Rocket has already taken the hard part away by being selective in what we buy. We carry unique  clothing to fit your style. We carry sizes 0-3xl Guy's & Gal's clothing adding over 100 items everyday!

How to Sell or Trade

Rocket is different because clothing is bought, sold and traded locally with customers. We buy clothing and accessories for both Gals & Guys giving you the option to take cash or store trade on the spot.

We’re always buying the best of one-of-a-kind items. 

Call before your visit to get a better idea of what we’re looking for.To sell your clothes, simply bring your freshly laundered good condition items to our in-store buying counter Monday-Friday 11-6, Saturdays 10-6 & Sundays 11-4.

Here at Rocket we keep the Rock in Rockabilly here is a few brands we love

 * Sourpuss
* Torrid
* Teenage Runaway
* Toofast
* Betsy Johnson
* Steady
* Voodoo Vixen
* T.U.K​
* Bettie Page
* Tripp
* Lip Service
* Fluff
* Hell Bunny
* Kreepsvile 666
* Lux De Ville
* Loungefly 
* DR Martens
* Pin-up Couture
* Iron Fist
* Lucky 13 

Buying Hours

Monday-Friday 11- 6

Saturday 10-6

Sunday 11-4